Who remembers the champions?

It’s less than a month since the end of the Olympics but already most of us will have forgotten the names of the champions.

It’s unlikely any but those keenly interested in sport ever knew the names of many if any of those who didn’t win a medal.

Since then we’ve had the Paralympics, which got only a fraction of the media coverage given to the Olympics.

New Zealand athletes won 17 medals but it’s unlikely most of us remember them, except perhaps swimmer Sophie Pascoe . She was recognised for winning three gold and three silver medals by being chosen as the flag bearer in the closing ceremony.

Now the games are over who remembers the champions?

Beef + Lamb NZ has recognised two with sponsorship.

Olympic gold medallist Lisa Carrington and silver medallist Sarah Walker are the new faces of Beef + Lamb New Zealand. . .

B+LNZ Inc CEO Rod Slater says choosing the popular Olympians to front the organisation’s domestic marketing campaigns was a no-brainer.

“These girls have it all and New Zealanders have really taken them into their hearts.”

They follow in the footsteps of Sarah Ulmer, Georgina Earl (née Evers Swindell) and Caroline Meyer (née Evers Swindell), whom Beef + Lamb New Zealand continues to support.

2 Responses to Who remembers the champions?

  1. ihstewart says:

    It was a great initiative from NZ Beef and Lamb and good to see it back.


  2. Sarah Walker has been one of Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s Sports Ambassadors for a while, as has Sophie Pascoe (along with Sarah Ulmer, the Evers-Swindell twins, Alison Shanks and Juliette Haigh & Rebecca Scown) http://www.beeflambnz.co.nz/index.pl?page=sports_ambassadors&m=127 Look at all those Olympic Medals 🙂


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