MMP submission close today

Submissions on the Electoral Commission’s recommendations for the review of MMP close at 5pm today.

I voted against MMP each time there’s been a referendum.

The majority view differs from mine.

Last year a small majority voted for MMP again – but who knows exactly what they were voting for?

Was it the status quo or a review, the outcome of which they could influence but not control?

The process was flawed but we can’t change that. We do however, have one last chance to give our views.

The submission form is here.

I’ve just completed my submission – opting for the status quo.

I don’t like MMP but I like the proposed recommendations even less.

I am also disappointed the commission didn’t address one of  MMP’s biggest flaws – poorer representation for individuals because of the size of electorates.

Increasing the population tolerance from 5% to 10%  when boundaries are set would enable the bigger seats to be geographically smaller and give greater scope for the Boundaries’ Commission to take account of community of interest.

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