Age stays same now change attitude

Now that a majority of MPs have voted in favour of keeping the purchase age of alcohol it’s time to concentrate on measures which will change the attitude to alcohol abuse and misuse.

Justice Minsiter Judith Collins says:

“Our Alcohol Reform Bill aims to drive lasting change to our drinking culture, and has a wide range of measures to reduce alcohol-related harm in our families and communities.

“I am very pleased to be leading this Bill through Parliament. This is the first time in more than two decades that any Government is acting to restrict rather than relax our drinking laws.

“But, we can’t do it alone. We all have a role to play in shifting our drinking culture, towards more moderate and responsible alcohol consumption,” Ms Collins says.

She’s right, Parliament can change laws but a culture change requires a change in attitude.

Drunkenness isn’t attractive or funny or clever.

The behaviour it leads to can be and often is dangerous to the drunks and others in their vicinity.

Alcohol has a place as a social lubricant but it must be in moderation, regardless of the age of the drinker.

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