Hate breeds hate

Film maker Barbara Sumner-Burstyn made the political personal when she used her Facebook page to make harsh criticisms about Lance Corporal Jacinda Baker.

Her words were stupid, insensitive, ugly and wrong.

She made an apology of an apology – in which she mis-spelled Jacinda as Jacinta more than once. And any good would, as Keeping Stock points out,  have been undone by the nine paragraphs of justification which followed it.

The value of the apology can also be judged by her telling the Herald on Sunday she does not resile from her comments.

But none of that justifies the response which incited violence against her.

Politics should stay well above the personal and debate should focus on ideas not people.

Hate breeds hate but that doesn’t make it right.

7 Responses to Hate breeds hate

  1. Gravedodger says:

    Don’t ever go near “The Standard “then Ele some comments list pure vitriol and hatred as a primary basis for what Prentice calls vigorous debate.
    Following my rare visits (know your enemy stuff) I often take a shower.

    I was incensed when the facts of that bint’s efforts on Jacinda’s FB site but decided it was bad enough without tossing fuel on it.

    Jacinda had contact with many St John Paramedics when she undertook training with the organisation as do other NZDF Medics and some Trauma specialists from EDs also.
    Nothing like a bit of mud dirt and vegetation to bring core treatment into focus.
    Some of the lighter moments of Emergency Response reality occur when someone well versed in the sterile environment of ED confronted with a field scene and blind panic sets in.

    RIP Jacinda and your comrades.


  2. Andrei says:

    It’s a free country with free speech.

    Best to ignore such idiocy and not give it oxygen by going into paroxysms of outrage.

    Save that for things where the game is worth the candle


  3. Dave53 says:

    Sumner-Burstyn has been around for years and is a total lunatic, literally. For years she was in league with Ken Ring promoting his mad moon-causes-weather nonsense. She was also a long time prominent campaigner against vaccination.

    In the early 1990s she ran Magazzino in Ponsonby.

    [ paragraph removed- Ele]

    Given her anti-science and conspiracy theory bent, she likely even denies that Neil Armstrong, vale, walked upon the moon.

    BTW, Jacinda Baker was a medic and as such protected by the Geneva Conventions. She was not a combatant as such. She was escorting a colleague to the doctor.


  4. homepaddock says:

    Dave – I’ve taken the very rare (for me) step of removing a paragraph from your comment because I didn’t think it was relevant or necessary and did think it was too personal.


  5. Dave53 says:

    It was my weak effort at humour, Ele. I chuckle every time I remember that comment of Tim’s. But point taken. Yours is a family blog.


  6. homepaddock says:

    Confession, Dave – the expression provoked a grin.


  7. Richard says:

    A lady- who is not all Canadian, but was born in Southland, I gather


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