Why wait?

There are so many questions which could be asked about the case of James Robertson Parker, the former deputy principal who has admitted multiple charges of sexually abusing children.

But the two which baffles me most are prompted by this:

Teachers’ Council director Peter Lind said the council was made aware of the case when it went before the courts.

Because he was unlikely to be out of jail in the next few months and will not pose a direct threat to children – the Council would wait for the full police investigation to be completed before they decided whether Parker would keep his registration.

The man has admitted multiple charges and the Teachers Council is waiting before they decide whether he keeps his registration.

The questions are:

1. Why wait?

2. If this isn’t enough to result in deregistration, what is?




2 Responses to Why wait?

  1. Mark D says:

    I’ve got some sympathy for the Teachers Council on this matter. The prinicples of natural justice would noramlly require waiting until the investigation and court case is complete. The reason to act earlier is if there is a potential threat, which is not the cae here. So justice should take it’s course and I’ll assume the Teachers council will make the appropriate decision in due course. They may, and I’m very much gving them the benefit of the doubt her, want to consider wider issues of whether there were things that could ahve alerted them sooner, and / or changes they might want to make in their processes.


  2. homepaddock says:

    If he’d denied the charges I’d agree. But I can’t see a problem of natural justice when he’s admitted them and don’t see why deregistration would stop the council considering wider issues.


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