Science leader for MPI

The Prime Minister has had a chief science advisor since early in his first term, now the Ministry of Primary Industries has a science leader too:

Dr Ian Ferguson (MNZM) has been appointed to the newly created position of Departmental Science Adviser for the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), Deputy Director General of Policy Paul Stocks announced today.

“This is an exceptionally important role for the Ministry,” Mr Stocks said. “I am confident that Dr Ferguson will provide strong science leadership to ensure that MPI is well connected across government and with the science community, and will continue to produce high quality scientific advice.”

The role focuses on the key areas of quality assurance of science inputs into regulatory decision making; strategic direction for science investment; and ensuring that MPI is able to effectively deal with emerging risks and opportunities. . .

The recognition of the importance of a scientific approach to policy is welcome. It is especially important in the MPI which oversees the productive industries which play such an important role in the economy and have such an impact on the environment.

It’s very easy for governments to have good ideas,  ensuring they are based on sound science will help to ensure they work in practice.

14 Responses to Science leader for MPI

  1. Viv K says:

    The Prime Minister may have had a chief science advisor for some time, but do you think Kohn Key has read and understood Sir Peter Gluckman’s advice on climate change?
    This National government’s enthusiasm to drill and mine fossil fuels ( eg to triple petroleum exports) suggests to me that no one is paying any attention to the science advice.


  2. homepaddock says:

    Viv – do you know Sir Peter’s views on drilling and mining?


  3. Viv K says:

    The important issue Ele, is ‘what’ we drill & mine. Drilling, mining and fracking are all techniques. If the end result is more fossil fuels which lead to more climate change (& ocean acidification) then that is not responsible.
    I will try & find out about Sir Peter’s views on drilling & mining 🙂


  4. adam2314 says:

    We have just had an eruption that probably put more ” Dirty Gasses ” into the atmosphere in a week than we mere mortals in NZ have done in the past millenium..

    I honestly had a notion that my LUX was not lathering as well as it normally does after the eruption !!.. Harder water ??..

    I buy large quantities and open the packets and store in the hot water cupboard so the soap was the same ..

    Climate Change !!!… Why do we have Wallies reporting every half an hour on the climate if it is not changing ??..


  5. adam2314 says:

    Just a passing thought..

    Why are WE.. spending time and money installing Solar Power into the Tokelau Islands when all of the population of the Tokolau’s has had to depart and is living in NZ .. According to your High Priest Al Gore ??

    Aye !!!..


  6. adam2314 says:

    Viv K says..

    then that is not responsible..

    Do you drive a car ??.
    Ride a bus ??.
    Use a Lift ??.
    Cook on an electric or gas stove ??.
    Watch TV ??.
    Use a computor ??.
    Read a book ?.

    All things that need ENERGY for you to be able to do so.

    Are you willing to pedal to provide the energy for others when you are not using energy ??..

    Thought not ..


  7. “We have just had an eruption that probably put more ” Dirty Gasses ” into the atmosphere in a week than we mere mortals in NZ have done in the past millenium..”

    People say this sort of thing a lot, but it’s hard to thing of statement with less merit. Volcanoes actually cool the planet and the amount of green house gases produced, even in large eruptions, is very small compared with human emissions.


  8. adam2314 says:

    Of course they cool the planet.. It is coolling internally all the time.

    As is the Sun.

    So we agree the planet is cooling..

    What gasses are these volcano’s producing. then ?.

    What would be the difference if they did not produce them ?


  9. Err, no, the earth isn’t cooling,either internally (thanks to radioactive decay) or atmospherically (thanks to us). The sun gets hotter with time (though very very slowly).

    Volcanoes produce lots of gases, CO2 and water vapour being the greenhouse ones. They produce enough SO2 and ash, that their net effect is to cool the planet.


  10. adam2314 says:


    Percentages of CO2 produced against SO2 produced please.

    Sorry for being so Ummm uninformed.


  11. It varies, depending on many factors. You should do some research if you want the details.


  12. adam2314 says:

    No .. You appear to have all the details..

    Pray tell me more..


  13. adam2314 says:

    The silence tells much ..


  14. adam2314 says:

    Hahaha.. just had a terrible thought..

    Maybe this is where Stan Freburg and HP’s word of the day come together..

    FUG… Leave the rest to your, imagination. :-))

    I could not possibly say that..


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