Saturday’s smiles

Peter Jackson was on location with a film crew in Central Otago.

Among the locals who came to watch was an elderly farmer who mentioned in conversation that it was going to rain the next day.

Just as she said, Jackson woke to rain next morning.

A week later, the farmer was on the set again and told Jackson there would be a storm the next day.

The next day dawned fine but by lunchtime black clouds were rolling in and soon after a hail storm struck.

“That farmer is the best weather forecaster I’ve ever had,” Jackson said and asked his PA to negotiate a contract to employ her as a weather advisor for the rest of the filming.

The farmer agreed and for a couple of weeks her forecasts were 100% accurate.

But after that the accuracy of her predictions declined. Some days she was right and some days she wasn’t.

Jackson was upset by this and called her in to a meeting.

“There’s a lot of money tied up in this filming and we need to know what the weather is doing. I used to be able to rely on you but now I might as well listen to the radio forecasts.”

The farmer nodded and said, “Yeah, that’s not a bad idea. That’s what I was doing until the batteries in my transistor went flat.”

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