Soggy enough, now for some sun

It was raining when we left home on Sunday afternoon.

It carried on raining for the two days we were away.

Our 5:30 flight back from Wellington yesterday evening was cancelled, we got seats on a later one and it was nearly 8pm when we left Christchurch.

We phoned a friend who operates a trucking business for an update on roads and were told there was surface flooding but we should be okay on the main road.

I checked the Waitaki District Council website and found a long list of cautions and closures – including at least one on all the shortcuts we would use to get home.

We opted to go the long way and came across some deep puddles but no flooding.

However, the lawn is very, very soggy and I hate to think what the paddocks where cows are will look like.

Three weeks ago we were considering having to start irrigating this month. That won’t be necessary.

But now we’ve had more than enough rain would it be greedy to ask for some sunshine?

One Response to Soggy enough, now for some sun

  1. fredinthegrass says:

    Not at all, Hp, for nice people like you and your farmer.
    We had 40 minutes of the yellow fellow this morning. By the time coffee was made and we headed outside he had gone all shy and disappeared!


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