Could have been a tragedy

The truck was travelling at about 80 kilometres an hour.

As it got to a passing lane it pulled left and the bus behind it followed.

The four wheel drive vehicle behind  the bus indicated and entered the passing  lane.

When it was about half way past the bus it (the bus) pulled out and started passing the truck.

The only place for the 4WD to go was right and onto the wrong side of the road.

Had there been any on-coming traffic it could have been a tragedy almost certainly resulting in injuries and death.

As it was the road ahead was clear and the 4WD was able to get past the bus and back onto the correct side of the road safely.

But the bus driver hadn’t finished. He compounded his dangerous driving with a lack of consideration.

Instead of pulling back into the left lane once he was clear of the truck he stayed in the passing lane, meaning the cars behind couldn’t pass. I was driving one of them and was stuck behind the bus, travelling at 80 to 100 kph for several more kilometres.

4 Responses to Could have been a tragedy

  1. Roger says:

    I hope you took the rego or at least the bus company’s name and advised the constabulary.


  2. LesterPK says:

    Do a Roadwatch report, free and easy to do online.


  3. pdm says:

    A case for *555 by the sounds of it.

    Then again I am still waiting for a response to my report on a car driving on the footpath in Te Kuiti in May last year.


  4. Pdoge says:

    Roadwatch report ? Wish you luck with any acknowledgement. We have filed several over the years for safety breaches as serious as you quote but always they have disappeared into the cosmos with nary a reply…


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