Saturday’s smiles

An agricultural salesman was visiting a farm with a view to selling a new type of combine harvester.

The farmer wasn’t interested. “My pig takes care of all the harvesting – I don’t need any fancy machinery.”

“It could save you money in the long-term” the salesman said.

“No, your header would never match my pig’s productivity – you should see him go – swishing away with that scythe.”

The salesman was intrigued about the pig and asked to see it. The farmer led him through the yard to a shed. Standing there was the most magnificent pig the salesman had ever seen, there was just one thing odd – it had a wooden leg.

“That is a very impressive pig, but why’s he got a wooden leg?” asked the salesman.

“This pig is more than ‘impressive’ – I’m sure he’s unique! Do you know he can also drive the tractor?”

“Really? But why’s he got a wooden leg?”

“He drives our children to school and back!! – even helps them with their homework!!”

“I’m impressed” the salesman said, “but why the wooden leg?”

“THIS PIG is also a leading authority on organic farming; thanks to him we’ve managed to branch out, and now our income is higher than that of any other farm in this district.

“Yeah, yeah!! You’ve got an amazing pig – I can see that by just looking at him – but why does it have a wooden leg?”

“Did I mention the publishing deals? This pig’s just written a best seller – we’re going to be even richer now!!”

“Amazing, truly amazing – but why the WOODEN LEG?”

The farmer looked admiringly at his pig and then turned to the salesman: “Well, with a pig like this – you just don’t eat him all at once.”

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