National Roast Day

It’s National Roast Day.

Almost every Sunday was roast day when I was a child. It was usually mutton but occasionally beef, put on to slow cook before we went to Sunday School and church.

Chicken was reserved for very special occasions like Christmas.

It would be accompanied by roast potatoes, boiled carrots and in winter swedes.

I loved it and enjoyed Monday’s lunch of cold meat sandwiches just as much.

How things have changed. I can remember roasting only once this year.

We have had plenty of meat but we generally barbeque or grill it and neither is on the menu today.

Dare I confess, more often than not, Sunday is meat-free unless we’ve got guests for a meal.

6 Responses to National Roast Day

  1. Quintin Hogg says:

    Lamb roast tonight!
    Mint jelly and gravy.
    Starts the week off really well.
    And at the moment we can spin it out for a week of left overs etc. As my sons grow older the roast will last but one evening


  2. pdm says:

    Roast Lamb tomorrow night I am told. It will include roast spuds, kumara, pumpkin, yams and possibly an onion accompanied by peas and brussel sprouts and the obligatory mint sauce.

    With luck there will be enoough for cld meat and fried up leftovers Tuesday night and possibly a cold meat sandwich for late lunch after work on Wednesday afternoon.

    Love it!!


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  4. jabba says:

    roast here EVERY Sunday .. Honey lamb tonight, legs 1/2 price at about $27 each at the Mad Butcher .. yum


  5. adam2314 says:

    Yup.. the Mad Butcher has lamb at $8.99 a kilo..
    Roast Lamb tomorrow night with all the trimmings. for chinese guests.. They will have to learn the art of a knife and fork :-))


  6. fredinthegrass says:

    Roasting your meat, Hp is much healthier than barbecuing or grilling it. A nice leg of hogget into the oven at 1pm on 120 degrees.
    Back from work around 5pm – grab a cold one and put the oven up to 175. Quick shower, make the gravy and enjoy. Oh, and put the veges into roast while supping. the next few days are nirvana with cold meat sammies, cold meat slices, cold meat and rewarmed gravy – I could go on but I need to get the roast from the oven and make the gravy!


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