Good rain

A total of 70 mls with no damage, that’s a good rain.

UPDATE: Good for us but further north, in South Canterbury, they’ve had far too much of a good thing:

Torrential rain caused flooding across South Canterbury yesterday and by 10pm last night the Te Ngawai had reached a 50-year flood level, flowing at 1000 cumecs.

Wet conditions are forecast for the rest of the week.

Much of the region experienced more than 90 millimetres of rain – significantly more than the 75mm average total rainfall for the month. Rainfall of 180mm was recorded in some areas. Most rivers experienced flows of 10- to 20-year return periods. . .

Some roads are closed and the forecast is for more rain.

5 Responses to Good rain

  1. ianhandcock says:

    If you need anymore We can send some down from the north.



  2. willdwan says:

    Saturated in the Waikato hills. Just spent $6000 on new tractor tyres. Had to, was running out of undies.


  3. homepaddock says:

    Ian – yours is a generous offer but I think the USA needs it more.

    Wildwan – undies are cheaper than tyres, but new tyres are more useful in the wet.


  4. Bulaman says:

    Told you it was bloody wet! Can now get through the torrent (creek) again. Goes up and down fast. Dropped 4 feet already!!Thankfully the wollies didn’t sieze on the opportunity to scatter lambs all over the place!!


  5. ianhandcock says:

    A wetter than average August predicted. This will take some management. Fat % in milk already indicates a lot of cow condition loss.


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