Buddy for party not electorate

In the last few weeks the news that Trevor Mallard is to be Labour’s buddy MP for Invercargill has had the odd mention.

That it’s more than eight months since the election and the party is only just getting round to appointing buddy MPs reflects poorly on both its organisational skills and its concern to provide a service to the electorate.

That they add insult to injury by choosing Mallard, the man who is still reviled for multiple school closures in the south when he was Minister of Education is even worse.
There might have been good reason for many, perhaps most of the closures and amalgamations, but they were done in a way that showed little concern for the people and communities affected.
Why then choose Mallard, especially when there are several South Island-based MPs who could service Invercargill more easily?
Credo Quia Absurdum Est has the answer in an email from a mate:
. . . Mallard has been sent down under the guise of buddy MP to make sure Lesey (sic) Soper doesn’t stand again.  The feeling is there must be someone down there to take her place, or HQ will parachute someone in.  Mallard couldn’t care less about Invercargill – the powers that be want her gone from standing at the next election and he’s just the bastard to do it. . .
A party that had any respect for the electorate and democratic principles would find a candidate who could win on his or her own merits.
It would also be more concerned about serving the people rather than its own ends with a buddy for the electorate rather than the party.

2 Responses to Buddy for party not electorate

  1. Richard says:

    Whaleoil describes the Labour Party as the “Nasty Party” How true this is if your report is anything to go by


  2. This is crazy radical, especially choosing him, but then again it is politics. Your opinion that there are better candidates out there is correct. When both sides are to busy playing games against each other trying to beat the others tactics, who is left to look after New Zealand!


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