Saturday’s smiles

Three young tourists were in a pub opposite the Olympics stadium, bemoaning the fact that none of them could afford a ticket.

All three were really keen to see the athletes from their own country compete.

They watched as the athletes entered through a special gate, each telling the guard their country and the event in which they were competing.

One of the tourists noticed a rubbish skip outside and grabbed a length of pipe.

He lifted it on to his shoulder, walked to the gate and told the guard “New Zealand, high jump.” The guard waved him through.

“That’s too easy!” the second traveller said. She looked around, picked up a manhole cover, and headed for the special gate. “Canada, discus,” she said to the guard, and in she walked.

“If they can do it, so can I” said the third backpacker, who was frantically looking around for a prop. All he could find was some barbed wire. He grabbed it, ran to the gate, and said, “Australia, fencing.”

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