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July 28, 2012

Idoneous – appropriate; suitable; proper; fit; adequate.

Saturday’s smiles

July 28, 2012

Three young tourists were in a pub opposite the Olympics stadium, bemoaning the fact that none of them could afford a ticket.

All three were really keen to see the athletes from their own country compete.

They watched as the athletes entered through a special gate, each telling the guard their country and the event in which they were competing.

One of the tourists noticed a rubbish skip outside and grabbed a length of pipe.

He lifted it on to his shoulder, walked to the gate and told the guard “New Zealand, high jump.” The guard waved him through.

“That’s too easy!” the second traveller said. She looked around, picked up a manhole cover, and headed for the special gate. “Canada, discus,” she said to the guard, and in she walked.

“If they can do it, so can I” said the third backpacker, who was frantically looking around for a prop. All he could find was some barbed wire. He grabbed it, ran to the gate, and said, “Australia, fencing.”


July 28, 2012

6/10 in NBR’s Biz Quiz

Rural round-up

July 28, 2012

Kiwi a Transtasman winner:

Tim van de Molen, the Royal Agricultural Society of New Zealand (RAS) Rural Youth Ambassador, was announced as the Australasian Rural Youth Ambassador in the finals at the Darwin Royal Showgrounds.

This is a historic win for New Zealand, taking top honours in only the second year the competition has been extended transtasman.

Van de Molen, a 29-year-old agribusiness manager for ANZ and based in Waikato, is overwhelmed by the win. . .

Rapid lamb gains now in the past – Hugh Stringleman:

The drivers of sheep farm productivity increases are forecast to be throttled back over the coming decade, compared with the rapid pace of improvement over the past 20 years.

Total lamb weight produced per breeding ewe, lambing percentage and lamb carcase weight will ease off compared with past productivity increases which have been the envy of the national economy.

Beef + Lamb New Zealand chief economist Rob Davison told the Red Meat Sector Conference in Queenstown that an industry-wide discussion is needed on the right mix of lamb carcase weights for the future – whether farmers should push on above 18kg. . .

Ballance shareholders benefit from strong result

Another strong result by Ballance Agri-Nutrients has its 18,200 shareholders sharing in a $47 million rebate and dividend distribution.

Shareholders will receive $43.6 million through a $40 rebate per tonne of fertiliser purchased plus a further $3.4 million through an imputed dividend of $0.10 per share.

This will result in an average return of $44.29 per tonne, a result which compares well with last year’s record distribution averaging $50.29 per tonne. . .

Ravensdown announces new CEO:

Ravensdown, the 100% farmer-owned co-operative, has appointed Greg Campbell as the new CEO to replace chief executive Rodney Green when he retires on the 31st December 2012.

 In announcing the appointment, Chairman of Ravensdown, Mr Bill McLeod, commented that “Rodney Green had given us plenty of notice of his intention to retire, which gave us the luxury of time to conduct a really thorough search for his replacement. We are grateful for that, as Rodney will leave a very different Ravensdown to the one he took over in 1998. We especially thank Rodney, and acknowledge the job he has done growing and strengthening the company over the years of his stewardship. This meant we needed to find a special replacement to take over the reins from him.” . . .

North Islander set to defend title:

 Last year’s winner of the Canterbury A&P Association Mint Lamb Competition, Bill Feetham of Hastings, is preparing his entries for 2012 with the opening of this year’s competition launched this month.

 Farmers from throughout New Zealand are invited to showcase their quality lamb and compete in the 2012 Mint Lamb Competition held in conjunction with the country’s largest Agricultural and Pastoral Show, the Canterbury A&P Show. . .

Government scheme increaeses recycling on farm:

More than 650 tonnes of plastic farm waste has been recycled nationwide during the past year thanks to a government-funded scheme, Environment Minister Amy Adams says.

Under the product stewardship scheme, Plasback supplies more than 1000 recycling bins to New Zealand farms, and collects agricultural plastics such as bale wrap, silage wrap and covers, agrichemical containers and crop bags.

The waste is recycled into plastic resin pellets and then reused in new plastic products.

“Many farmers have been frustrated by the lack of options for dealing with plastic farm waste and know that burning or burying waste is not a sustainable solution,” Ms Adams says. . .

Allied Farmers granted waiver for $1.2M loan for bobby calf business:

Allied Farmers, the company whose market value was all but wiped out when it acquired the financial assets of Hanover Finance, has been granted a waiver to borrow up to $1.2 million for the operations of its bobby calf venture.

The waiver, granted by NZX Markets Supervision, was required because the loan would exceed 10 percent of Allied’s average market capitalisation of about $2.5 million and would have needed approval of shareholders. . .

REINZ Introduces New Farm Price Index:

REINZ is pleased to announce today the introduction of the REINZ Farm Price Index, as a superior and more accurate guide to changes in farm sale prices.

The new measure has been developed in conjunction with the Reserve Bank and adjusts for property specific factors such as location, size and farm type in measuring changes in farm prices.

“The REINZ Farm Price Index is less influenced by the type of farms that happen to sell, providing an improved measure of underlying farm prices,” says REINZ Rural Market Spokesman Brian Peacocke. . .

Canterbury vegetable grower takes national Young Grower title:

Andrew Scott from Canterbury has been named Young Grower of the Year at the Horticulture New Zealand Conference 2012.

Andrew, 29, was presented with his award last night after the day-long Young Grower of the Year competition held at Ellerslie Events Centre, Auckland, as part of this year’s Horticulture New Zealand Conference. . . .

Not achieved

July 28, 2012

The Herald has three quizzes for Maori language week – my vocabulary would get a not achieved:

Only 3/10 for greetings; 5/10 for body parts (two of which were guesses) and 8/10 for food.



The enemy within

July 28, 2012

Before we went to the United States last year several people warned us about heavy-handed security, especially at the border.

We were photographed and finger printed at the immigration control but the people doing it were courteous and efficient.

However, once in New York we found ourselves going through security checks and x-rays at most tourist attractions – sometimes multiple checks at various stages of a tour of the same place.

This is the USA’s reaction to the 2001 terrorist attacks.

But the shooting of 12 people at a theatre in Aurora, Colorado   shows the danger isn’t just from without  and raises the question of what can a country do about the enemy within?

Stand Tall

July 28, 2012

The 2012 Olympics have begun.

This is the culmination of years of training for the competitors all of whom will say they wouldn’t have been there without the teams of trainers and supporters.

For all that taking part counts, everyone aims to win, but everyone who is there can stand tall:

While we’re looking forward to two weeks of sporting highlights, Keeping Stock reminds us we should also remember the 11 Israeli athletes who were killed at the Berlin Olympics.


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