Without them we’d be Greece

Quote of the day:

Every week we borrow from the savings of hardworking Swiss, Germans and Chinese so we can keep consuming.  New Zealand would be another Greece without those who get up in the morning and milk the cows; those who take the milk, process it, and sell powder to the world.

In the year to December 2011, dairying generated almost 13 billion in exports – it accounts for about 25 per cent of our exports.  Dairy exports help close our current account deficit and that means lower borrowing costs for all business.

The ACT Party stands with the productive; the wealth creators.  Yes a tiny minority of dairy farmers ignore their responsibility not to pollute local waterways.  But the vast bulk of farmers are keen on a clean environment.

To damn a whole industry as ‘dirty dairying’ because of a tiny minority – as some in this House do – is just ignorant.

Members of Parliament should be deeply grateful for dairying – it keeps the lights on in this place. . .  John Banks.

2 Responses to Without them we’d be Greece

  1. Meg says:

    My opinion of John Banks just rose threefold.


  2. adam2314 says:

    Threefold ??.. To what height does that take him Meg ??


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