Papers will lose if mail delivery cut

Federated farmers president Bruce Wills reckons farmers could live with a reduction in rural mail deliveries to three or four times a week.

NZ Post is facing declining volumes of mail as more correspondence and business is done through the internet.

Few will be worried if it takes another day or two to get bills and most are sent electronically anyway.

The biggest losers from a reduced service will newspapers which are delivered with the mail.

Our paper doesn’t get here until early to mid afternoon by which time we’ve got most of the news on the radio or internet. There would be little point getting a paper at all if the contents are at least two days old.

However, with the threat to readership also comes an opportunity – if NZ Post isn’t going to deliver mail six days a week as it does now, someone else could.

2 Responses to Papers will lose if mail delivery cut

  1. Denny says:

    We cancelled our newspaper subscription because we get the news over the Internet, and on National Radio. It’s been a relief … I hadn’t realised just how far the standards of journalism had fallen in the DominionPost


  2. pdm says:

    For the first 10 years of my life at Mangaorapa, Central Hawkes Bay, (1946-1956) we had a rural delivery Monday Wednesday and Friday. It did not seem to be a major problem for my parents and we, or the farm, subscribed to the Dominion rather than the local Hawkes Bay Herald Tribune,.

    mrspdm and I now get the Hawkes Bay Today soley because at our age the main interest is the Death Notices. We often talk of cancelling it but having missed the funeral of a former work colleague a few years ago due to us not subscribing to the local paper we keep it going – just in case.


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