Sunday: Vejer de la Frontera – 33 degrees.

Monday: Granada – 38 degrees.

Tuesday: Almagro – 28 degrees.

Wednesday: Alcalá de Henares – 30 degrees.

Friday & Saturday: Bangkok – 35 degrees.

Sunday: Auckland – 13 degrees, Christchurch – 9 degrees, home – 6 degrees.

Monday: Brrrrrr.

The trip was prompted by an invitation for my farmer to attend Rabobank’s first Global Masterclass, a gathering of 50 farmers from 16 countries:

Berry Marttin, member of the Executive Board Rabobank and host of the event, invited farmers from developed, emerging and developing countries: “As the world’s leading specialist agribusiness bank we are committed to the development of the agricultural sector and keen to understand the whole supply chain, that starts at the farmers’ gate, from beginning to end. Questions like having to double food production and doing this in a sustainable way are not easy to answer. Bringing together 50 farmers from around the world allows us to really get to grips with this challenge and face it head on.”

We started our journey in England before crossing to Holland for a three-day farm-stay organised by Rabobank for masterclass participants and partners.

While my farmer was at the summit I went back to school in Spain to take some of the rust off my Spanish. He joined me there for the last few days in Spain and we broke the return journey with 36 hours in Bangkok.

A month is about our tolerance for travel and it was good to get home yesterday but it is a wee bit cooler than the temperatures we’ve been enjoying.

Some travellers’ tales and observations will follow in future posts.

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