Giveway rule change working

Have you noticed chaos and confusion as a result of the change to the give way rule for vehicles turning left and right or at T-intersections?

In the couple of months since the rule change came in I’ve had to pause just once when I thought someone turning right was going to cross my bows when I was turning left and have had no problems at T intersections.

AA Insurance hasn’t noticed a spike in claims since the change.

“The low volume of claims suggests that New Zealanders understood the changes and drove more cautiously at intersections by reducing their speed and taking their time, preempting any rise in incidents,”said Suzanne Wolton, Head of Corporate Affairs, AA Insurance. “The handful of claims we received related, for the most part, to driver confusion about how to apply the catchphrase, ‘Top of the T goes before me’.”

In these cases AA Insurance customers who were turning from the top of the “T” were hit on the front driver’s side by third parties turning right from the bottom of the intersection.

The low volume of claims suggests that the new way, which is after all a return to the old way and the way traffic in most if not all other countries has to behave, is the right way.

4 Responses to Giveway rule change working

  1. Deborah says:

    I haven’t had any problems either. I think people are still being cautious at intersections, but that seems like a jolly good thing in any case.

  2. MarcW says:

    Agreed, why oh why did it take them so long to see sense?

  3. Gravedodger says:

    Much of the talk of anticipated carnage came from the mouths of those in the Media; print, audvis, radio where talking heads did nothing more than muddy the waters of what was a very minor change and so sensible it needed little explanation.
    As is so often the case a catchy phrase is open to differing interpretation based on perception.

  4. Freddy says:

    Agreed….the change is working fine…Has surprised me how little I’ve had to use it really..
    I can remember the change to the silly give way rule in the first place, 80s sometime??, and the theory supporting it…It is a lesson to all law makers that perfect solutions belong in perfect worlds….which we are not!

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