Restaurant rule of relativity

The quality of food at a restaurant or cafe is inversely proportional to the number of pictures of food on the menu and/or displayed outside.

I’ve tested this rule at home and abroad and have yet to find an exception.

2 Responses to Restaurant rule of relativity

  1. Richard says:

    Ele,you are right. But how do you know which -say, Korean restaurants to go to unless your have the pics because you cannot understand the language on the menu? – look in the window and see how many local, ethnic people are dining; obvious.

    But Birmingham is claiming to the dish Balti

    I would prefer to have access to a leg of mutton so that I can cook a Raan

    Very good in Bradford, UK ( 48hrs notice is needed) but supply in NZ mutton is terrible. Any suggestions Ele? Goat might be an alternative—-

  2. homepaddock says:

    Sorry this got caught in moderation, Richard. WordPress does that to comments with more than one link.

    If you ask a butcher in advance you should be able to get mutton, though most here is processed for pies and burgers rather than sold as legs.

    Have seen goat on menus in Spain, usually in stews but have never come across it raw or cooked in NZ.

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