Does this mean farmers have better lives?

Barking Up the Wrong Tree has found research which points to the beneficial affects of nature.

Does this mean farmers, gardeners, fishermen/women and others whose work takes them face to face with nature, have better lives than those who spend most of their time indoors?

When feeding out on a cold winter morning in the teeth of a howling southerly it’s difficult to appreciate nature, but most who do it would still prefer that to an inside job.

4 Responses to Does this mean farmers have better lives?

  1. I would say people who spend more time interacting with nature are more at peace. Biophilia is a strong phenomenon. Nature is just so awesome and humbling.

  2. Richard says:

    I think if I was reborn I would like to have been brought up on a farm. Remember school holidays on “my mother’s relations farms” (grammar advice needed here) perhaps for the wrong reasons – one was breakfast after a couple of hours of work- lamps fry- the best today is at (
    Later I communed with nature in postings with the British Army. The jungles – Malaysia, Belize I loved, each with their own creatures and habitat- not often not appreciated by new recruits out of Dundee- many had sleepless nights.

  3. Freddy says:

    Biophilia…wow fantastic word, had to look it up in Wikipedia as my dictionary didn’t list it….has to be word of the day HP..

  4. homepaddock says:

    Richard – the contrast between an urban jungle and a tropical one would be a bit much for some. Agree about Dunsandel Store but don’t share your passion for lambs fry.

    Sugarlump – thanks for introducing me to biophillia, I agree with Freddy it’s a wonderufl word.

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