Music ages me

Looking at the line-up of performers at last night’s Queen’s Diamond Jubilee concert makes me feel my age.

Singers like Tom Jones, Paul McCartney, Cliff Richards and Elton John are no longer the young men I remember from my own youth.

At the other end of the age spectrum, the younger performers – many of whom I’ve never heard of – are young enough to be my children.

2 Responses to Music ages me

  1. Meg says:

    Don’t worry Ele, I was at a 21st on saturday night and we spent most of the night playing johnny cash, the eagles and elton john. New music isn’t worth listening to. However later in the night we bumped into an 80 year old woman at a nightclub in the octagon celebrating her birthday. It was pure brilliance and I can only hope that at 80 I will be that awesome.


  2. IHStewart says:

    Ele, thanks for that reminder like I really needed it.


    ” New music isn’t worth listening to.”

    I suspect that might be an inter-generational thing, my father wasn’t a fan of the music I like and when the kids have the Wiggles blaring away I certainly can now understand his perspective.


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