Oamaru on Fire

Oamaru has been on fire this weekend as the country’s steampunk capital celebrates the 2012 SteampunkNZ Festival.

The 2012 SteampunkNZ Festival weekend will launch on Friday with the winter masquerade from Smith’s Grain Store on Tyne St, at 5.30 pm,

The Oamaru on Fire evening in the Historic Precinct $5 follows at 6.30 pm and if you were in the masquerade you have free entry.

Jason Kerrison is the headline act and he goes on to DJ at Fat Sally’ s on Thames St. after 9.00pm.

On Saturday at 11.00am in the Ink Box at the Oamaru Opera House you will be entertained with Neave R. Willoughby’s Magic Lantern  as he takes you on a journey through the History of Steampunk

The afternoon brings a Dickensian touch as we tip our hat to the Old Gent’s 200th birthday with a series of steampunk literary readings. 3.00 pm again at the Ink Box in the Opera House. This is led by worthy Professor Stansa, a poet himself who was naisant in Oamaru and has been drawn back by the lure of Steampunk.

 To dance the night away come to the Loan and Merc Restaurant on Wansbeck St. Here we have the music extravaganza and dirigible/airship racing Local bands have come together to create huge new sounds to accompany the world’s first (as far as we know) indoor dirigible racing. The inaugural world champ will be feted with whisky from the NZ Whisky Co

The piece de resistance is the Steampunk NZ Fashion Show at the Oamaru Opera House on Sunday 2nd June. tickets available from www.ticketdirect.co.nz and door sales.

Finally to complete your Steampunk filled weekend, put the cherry on the cake there is the Steampunk NZ Gala Ball sponsored by Crombie and Price. This is your chance to eat drink and be merry, show the world your steamy personality, dance the night away and connect with those of a similar mind.

If you’ve missed the celebrations, you can still visit Steampunk HQ – and even if it’s after-hours, you can play with the train outside.

Steampunk is a fantastic marriage combination of art, science and imagination and as the weekend programme shows it is also lots of fun.


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