World smokefree Day

I have several vices but smoking  isn’t one of them.

Hand on heart, I can say that not a single cigarette – tobacco or anything eLse has ever touched my lips.

Now, more than ever I’m thankful for that.

The latest tax increases make it a very expensive habit:

A pack of cigarettes costs about $14 and A daily pack habit will cost over $5,000 a year.

That is set to rise to $20 a pack by 2016.

Smoking is also  an increasingly difficult habit to maintain as smokefree initiatives restrict.

Difficult to maintain though it is, most people find it even more difficult to give up.

But today is World Smokefree Day,  when tobacco addicts are implored to reclaim their lungs and stub out the habit.

5 Responses to World smokefree Day

  1. Andrei says:

    This obsession with smoking continues – God forbid the poor and the marginalized should have any pleasures in this world.

    Tobacco is one of the most harmless drugs there is – to be sure it brings health problems in later life to some who over indulge in it. But it also helps prevent some of the degenerative diseases of later life such as Parkinsons disease.

    You know what the idiotic and unachievable target of making NZ smoke free by 20 whatever it is?

    I will tell you, more kids will smoke cannabis because it is cheaper than tobacco, more kids will “huff” to “get a buzz” and so forth.

    All this is about is an excuse for the Government to raise revenue to spend on its pet obsessions

  2. Suz says:

    As a filthy fagger, altho’ one who ironically exercises a lot, and who in all other aspects of my life regards myself as in control, I’ve come to the sad conclusion I need to commit an imprisonable crime to quit!

    Nicotine…an evil beast.

  3. pdm says:

    Father in Law said he started smoking at age 12 and stopped at age 72. Died at age 79 partly from lung cancer but there were other contributing ailments.

    My father smoked a pipe probably from a similar age 12 – 15 I would think and died at age 73 from heart attack. My mother never smoked and died at age 50 from breast cancer.

    I am aged 66, have never smoked apart from a few (no more than 30) when I left school and had an aortic valve replacemen 10 years ago..

    My Maternal grandfather smoked most of his life and died aged 96 while my maternal grandmother smoked most of her life and was 81 when she died. Whoop de doo you say there is the cause of mothers breast cancer – no way – of 12 siblings 10 still live with one aged under 70 and the two deaths were at ages 73 and 88.

    I say if people want to smoke let them.

  4. Gunner says:

    I gave up after smoking for 78 years. It may have been worth the effort, but aged over 90 I’m not that sure. At times of stress or pain a smoke was always a great help.

  5. Suz says:’re a legend!!

    That’s an awesome achievement.

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