On mice and moths

When we got home after five days away on Sunday I checked the mouse traps.

The ones in the laundry, kitchen and living room were empty but the three in the hall cupboard had all done what they’re designed to do.

I disposed of the bodies, reset the traps and within an hour had caught another mice.

Since then the traps have been untouched and there’s been no fresh signs of mice.

My war against unwanted visitors has opened on a new front though – I’ve discovered holes in a couple of woollen garments which point to the presence of moths in my wardrobe.

They seem to have a taste for merino and have chewed through in places it will be difficult to repair.

One Response to On mice and moths

  1. pdm says:

    `You’ disposed of the corpses and reset the traps. Not something mrs pdm would do.

    Sounds now like you need to catch a lot of male moths and castrate them – lol.


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