Media need thicker skin

Quote of the day:

The media’s role is often to be “hostile, aggressive and antagonistic” to governments and politicians when they merit it. That comes with the job of being the “Fourth Estate”. I was once so hostile, aggressive and antagonistic” that Prime Minister Jim Bolger banned me from his press conferences.

It is the media’s job to apply scrutiny, to critique, and to commentate on events and individuals. It is just a shame that it cannot stand it when others do the same to them.

Message to Media: Stop being so pathetically thin-skinned and get on with the job. Bill Ralston

He was commenting to the reaction to Prime Minister John Key’s observation that the media is tougher on a second term government.

He made the comments during an interview with Leighton Smith:

He is quite clear he is making observations, not complaining, that he wasn’t ” bent out of shape by that” and he expected it.

2 Responses to Media need thicker skin

  1. inventory2 says:

    Spoken like a true journalist Ele; you’re one of the old-school who are now so thin on the ground. And Ralston also said this:

    The Herald headlined its resulting story as an “attack” by Key. Fairfax’s for a while ran a picture of Key headlined with the words “Poor me.” Words he never used and meanings that he specifically ruled out in the substance of the interview.
    Talking of increased media criticism of his government Key said, “I don’t mean that as a complaint, I’m not moaning about it, it’s just a statement of fact.”
    Fairfax’s Vernon Small ran a story headlined “Key bemoans ‘hostile’ media.”
    Didn’t he actually say, “I’m not moaning about it”? Yes, actually, he did.
    In both cases of apparently wilfully misrepresenting what he said, it almost seemed like the Herald and Fairfax were determined to prove John Key’s point for him.


  2. homepaddock says:

    I2 – I appreciate the praise but have to confess that when I was working as a reporter I made plenty of mistakes. The difference then was experienced seniors – a chief reporter, sub editor and editor – generally ensured my mistakes didn’t go to print.


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