More funds not extra spending

‘Tis the season for pre-Budget funding announcements like those from Health Minister Tony Ryall of  $101m for surgery and cancer services and $144m for disability services.

These are not announcements of extra spending, though.

The government is committed to a zero-Budget so extra funds in one area come from savings in another.


4 Responses to More funds not extra spending

  1. robertguyton says:

    National promised a ‘fiscally neutral’ tax-switch too and that was a lie. I expect nothing different from this ‘switcheroo’.


  2. Pete says:

    Don’t be an idiot bob.


  3. Neil says:

    Recently I posted on HP about the need for more government cash into services to keep the elderly in their own homes and out of care.
    Hopefully the $54.7m mentioned by Tony Ryall will go some way to improving thjs long neglected and unrecognized service.
    With caregivers pay at virtually the minimum wage there is little encouragement for people to help in this area. Trips in the car to distant patients are only funded one way.
    These people who are infirm are the people who built the nation during and after World War 2. They should live in dignity and in their own homes.
    People like MP’s should get out to see what these caregivers provide in services, both medical and emotional. Labour and National shouldn’t be proud about this. This is no place for petty politics but a situation where all decent people should agree on.
    Robert’s comments don’t warrant a reply !!!!


  4. homepaddock says:

    Neil, I agree with you on the importance of these services and the value caregivers provide for relatively low pay.

    I can assure you Associate Health Minister Jo Goodhew knows about and values them too. She said so during a speech to National’s Lower North Island conference on Saturday and I am sure she’s not the only MP who does.


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