Who would oppose secret ballots?

Tau Henare’s Employment Relations (Secret Ballot for Strikes) Amendment Bill passed into law yesterday by 61 votes to 60.

Labour Minister Kate Wilkinson said:

“Strikes can be incredibly stressful, both financially and mentally. Workers have differing personal circumstances so it is only fair that any vote on whether to strike is made in private.

“This law will provide protection for any workers who may feel judged by colleagues or intimidated through a voting process that does not use secret ballots.”

Who would oppose a measure which helps protect workers from undue pressure or intimidation?

Well, National, Act and United Future voted for it.

That leaves Labour, the Green and Maori parties and New Zealand First opposing it.

That has to be a case of opposition for the sake of it rather than on principle.

3 Responses to Who would oppose secret ballots?

  1. Gravedodger says:

    I have not studied the final draft that was passed yesterday but my gut feeling tells me the thugs that invariably end up at the top table of many union meetings will spend extreme effort to thwart the spirit of this legislation.
    Things such as ID on ballots, appointment of scrutineers, need to preserve ballot papers for challange or inquiry and other procedures will be employed to retain the power of the leadership who will continue to be remunerated while the pawns are on strike.
    We are talking about the recruitment and training path for many of those who aspire to become parliamentary Labour Party MPs afterall.


  2. inventory2 says:

    One only needs to watch TV news footage of strike ballots in the MUNZ/PoAL dispute to know how necessary this law change is. MUNZ meetings were being held in a tavern near the wharves, most of those in shot were drinking, and an opponent of striking couldn’t have helped but feel intimidated in such an environment.

    Sadly, when the tide turns again as it inevitably will, the unions will ensure that this law is repealed; why else do they donate such generous sums to the Labour Party?


  3. ploughboy says:

    opposed by those funded by unions?.wouldnt they make a noise if national voted for who funded them


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