Thursday’s quiz

Having another of those fortnights this week.

I enjoyed the contributions last time I left the quiz up to you (most surprsied that Lego  is the world’s biggest tyre manufacturer) so here’s your chance again to ask the questions.

An electronic banana cake with chocolate icing will go to anyone who asks a question no-one can answer.


20 Responses to Thursday’s quiz

  1. Andrei says:

    I’ll kickoff

    Who said

    One death is a tragedy; one million is a statistic.

  2. George says:

    If us white people are so smart, how do you explain France?

  3. Alwyn says:

    Andrei, (and incidentally is that a Russian or better a Georgian name?).
    That has to be the late, unlamented, Josef Stalin.

  4. Paul Tremewan says:

    So who was the only person to win both a Nobel Prize and an Oscar…

    Answers on a post card please… the Judge’s decision will be almost final and no co-respondent will be interviewed..

    ps This question was the tie breaker question in a major Pub Trivia competition in Edinburgh two days ago… not many people know that..

  5. Andrei says:

    I reckon the answer to your question is Al Gore, Paul sigh

    Ubiquitous left wing politics cheapening both the Oscars and the Nobel prize.

    Yes Alwyn, Stalin is the answer as obvious as Al Gore was to Paul’s question perhaps.

    The thing about that quote is that it is as true as it is cynical.

  6. Richard says:

    Which secondary school did Trevor Mallard attend?
    What were his qualifications when he left school?
    Who was his best friend at school?
    Big bonus and prices for the three correct answers.
    (Quartermaster- “what are you wasting on this fellow?Its a joke question?)

  7. Andrei says:

    Yes Alwyn my name is Андрей but when I write it nobody can read it so I write it Andrei and then people can read it but still can’t pronounce it correctly.

  8. pdm says:

    I was going to enter but I don’t like banana cake (true) lol.

  9. Alwyn says:

    I’ll take it seriously Richard, even if it is a joke.
    Onslow College, a decile 10 school. Even though Trevor claims to be a Wainuiomata boy through and through.
    If they had any sense it would have been “expelled”. He managed to get into Vic though so perhaps he got something. Higher School Certificate?
    If you are getting it from Trevor I would guess he would say something like “I was Jeremy Coney’s best friend” They must have been there about the same time. What Coney would say may, of course, differ. He might not want to admit to knowing the little p****

  10. inventory2 says:

    What are Saturday night’s winning Lotto numbers?

  11. Rob Hosking says:

    OK (though I can’t eat bananas either)

    1. Which winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature is also in Wisden as a first class cricketer?

    2. Which famous rock star had his first public appearance as a boy soprano in a choir at Westminister Cathedral?

  12. adam2314 says:

    Going to take me more time to go through the internal filing cabinet ..

    Andrei.. Joseph Stalin.. ( a man who would not reconize a son )..
    George,, YOU !!..

    Paul T.. You !!..

    Andrei.. Pronouciation.. I can :-))

    PDM.. As a Pommie bastard ..
    I have never been able to understand BANANA CAKE..

    Alwyn… Eh ?.

  13. adam2314 says:

    Paul .. Got me on that one.. .. Pass..

  14. IHStewart says:

    What is a brass razoo ?

  15. adam2314 says:


    !. Cruel/.
    2. Cruel.
    3 Cruel..
    4. Cruel.
    5. Cruel

    Trevor Mallard ..

    Passes with flying colours..

  16. adam2314 says:



  17. I know that Gore never won an Oscar- it was the director who won, but the finance deal included the bit that Gore would collect if possible. I think that it was Shaw.

    Stalin is claimed to have said that about anticpated deaths in France due to the Second Front at the Teheran conference

    Rob Hosking & Alwyn: got me.

  18. IHStewart says:

    @ adam
    Nothing comes of nothing, I am wondering if IV2 might be a bit more forthcoming though.

  19. Richard says:

    “Brass Razoo? ” – have used this expression frequently. But just to keep the HP spirit going while she is busy- What is the expression in Maori and Spanish?
    Alwyn, thank you. TM does not have any friends from school.
    Adam. Not cruel just honest

  20. Paul Tremewan says:

    Oscar and a Nobel… George B Shaw, no less… ( eh, and not me Adam23etc… but I’m workin’ on it…

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