How often is cannabis/alcohol a factor?

The pilot of the hot air balloon which crashed near Carterton tested positive for cannabis:

The Transport Accident Investigation Commission (TAIC) released the  report this morning which stated toxicology results from the body of pilot  Lance Hopping, 53, gave a positive result for cannabis. His body was tested four  days after the accident.

The Commission has not made any link between the pilot’s  cannabis use and the accident, saying it is “wrong to draw premature  conclusions” but it does say the results are “very concerning”. . .

Another report released by the TAIC yesterday into the Fox Glacier air crash  revealed two skydive instructors had cannabis in their systems. TAIC recommended  drug and alcohol testing as a result. . .

It is worth repeating both that the Commission hasn’t made any link between the cannabis use and the accident and that the results are very concerning.

Moving from these particular cases to the general – adventure tourism attracts young, adventurous people who work hard and play hard.

The playing hard often involves a lack of sleep, alcohol and possibly other drugs, all of which can affect work performance the next day.

How often are one or all of these a factor which increases the risk of accident in pursuits which require full attention and quick reactions?

2 Responses to How often is cannabis/alcohol a factor?

  1. You can test positive for cannabis for a very very long time after you’ve ceased being under any influence. Too early to draw many conclusions. Second-hand smoke can even show up in hair tests.


  2. JC says:

    Like the Fox Glacier plane crash cannabis is an interesting but not necessarily important contributor.. but in both accidents its part of the litany of things that were wrong, not attended to or sloppy.

    Quite often you have to work really hard to cause a tragedy in industries that have reasonable systems in place.



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