The vultures are gathering

The wilderness of opposition isn’t a good place to be at the best of times and these are far from the best of times for Labour.

The vultures are gathering, attracted by the growing stench of disarray, decay and disunity.

Phil Goff was handed a poisoned chalice by Helen Clark and he handed it on to David Shearer.

He doesn’t look comfortable with it, and who can blame him?

The wilderness of opposition isn’t a good place to be and it’s even worse when you know at least some of the vultures are supposed to be on your side.


9 Responses to The vultures are gathering

  1. jabba says:

    I feel sorry for Shearer .. seems a top bloke with lots to offer BUT not in politics .. look at the team (MP’s) he has for support as well, gee


  2. Neil says:

    Years of indifference and substandard MP’s are coming home to roost for Labor.
    Helen Clarkj may have been a good PM but her iron grip delayed rejuvenation within the Labor Party.
    Labor has too many members who want a sinecure for life. Of special note is how many of these same members are divorced from reality of the market and ordinary people.
    Years of people like Rick Barker,Lynne Pillay,Winnie Laban,Ross Robertson,Rajenda Prasad,Moana Macky,Steve Chadwick,Philip Field and Judith Tizard left the party with mediocrity.
    People left behind like Trevor Mallard,Clayton Cosgrove and Darrian Fenton offer a very poor image.Hard faced and lacking any charisma won’t endear them to the public.Muck raking won’t help.
    Where is Labor now ? National took the hard steps back with Michelle Boag. National is benefiting.
    I do feel sorry for Shearer who at least is a mainstream person unlike many other Labor types of the rainbow,feminine,unionist amd miscellaneous brand.


  3. pdm says:

    New Zealand is a better place for Labour being in opposition rather than in power – long may it continue.


  4. robertguyton says:

    “The vultures are circling”
    I really thought your post was going to be about John Banks.

    Dead meat.

    (Carrion as you were).


  5. jabba says:

    indeed bOb .. another chance for the Greens to get a seat .. oh hold on, the candidate at the last election was caught, on telly when Turei and others were invading shops, to vote for Nationals Paul Goldsmith .. what was that all about?


  6. robertguyton says:

    jabba – you make no sense. That’s a general observation, not specifically around the pointless post above.


  7. jabba says:

    you say “I make no sense” .. what are you rabbiting on about? Anyway, I thought you would be 1 of the 3-3500 thousand people marching down Queen St .. oh, that’s right, you protest from your home


  8. jabba says:

    HP posted about the Labour leadership, you, once again, tried to hijack the thread by bringing up John Banks .. a strange fellow you are bOb, get out more


  9. robertguyton says:

    TV3 News used the phrase, “The vultures are circling” to lead their piece on John Banks and his downfall.
    They are indeed.


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