Saturday’s smiles

I was taking part in a debate last night.

The moot was that Dunedin South is turning blue.

The right side won.

One of the members on the other side was a blonde which provoked the inevitable:

How many blondes does it take to change a light bulb?

Two – one to hold the bulb, the other to spin the ladder round.

Did you hear about the blonde who studied for her blood test and still failed it?

Did you hear about the blonde who returned a scarf to the store because it was too tight?

Why can’t blondes make ice cubes?

They always forget the recipe.

She was driving through Central Otago and one day her foot just happened to press a little harder on the accelerator than it ought to have. As luck would have it a police car was parked on the side of the road ahead of her with a radar and as she approached it the lights started flashing.

She, pulled over and wound down her window as the police officer, a young blonde man approached.

He asked her for her licence. She dived into her handbag, pulled out her diary, cell phone, and other bits and pieces but couldn’t find her licence.

“I’m sorry, I must have left it at home,” she told the police officer.

“Well do you have any other id,” the officer asked?

She rooted round in her handbag again, found a compact, opened it, peered in the mirror, said, yes that’s me and handed it to the officer.

The officer looked at it, smiled and said, “Well if I’d known you were in the police too, I’d never have stopped you.”

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