First mouse of autumn

Our house is supposed to be mouse-proof but it isn’t.

A neighbour’s advice to lay poison outside (where birds, cats, dogs and children can’t reach it) does help to reduce the rodent population but I can still hear mice – and sometimes something bigger – in the walls and every now and then come across evidence that at least one is inside.

It happens more often at this time of year as the weather cools and yesterday I came across the first mouse of autumn on the laundry floor.

It was far from healthy, probably because it had been poisoned, but was definitely still alive.

Had my farmer been near by I’d have declared dispatching it to be a blue job and left him to it, but he wasn’t and much as I dislike mice I couldn’t let it suffer.

How then to kill it quickly without having to touch it?

I swept it on to a shovel and dropped it into a bucket of water. But a dying mouse still floats so I had to push it under with the shovel.

Every creature might have its place in the cosmos but the mouse’s isn’t inside mine.

Today’s list of things-to-do includes relaying poison and lacing traps with fresh peanut butter.

One Response to First mouse of autumn

  1. I’m not even going to charge for this service I’m about to provide, Ele. You must order online this fantastic product: a Rat Zapper:

    We’ve got houses both in the country, and over the sea, so rats and mice are a problem. Worse, like you, seemingly, I have a bit of a phobia: the thought of touching one is a thing of horror. But I also can’t stand cruelty, so won’t use poison (it’s a hideous death for them.) Thus, our Rat Zapper has been a god-send. The rats or mice simply walk into the chamber, and are electrocuted, instantly. A little red light flashes at the top of the machine, indicating a rodent is dead in it, and you simply tip the rodent from the machine into a rubbish bag, without ever having to look at it, (though you can see rat tails out the end of the chamber.) No broken skin, no blood, clean, no pulling open those bloody awful mice traps: and our original four D batteries are still working after three years.

    Our record so far is eight rats in our garage at Diamond Harbour within a week (must have been a family living in there).


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