Offenders bi-product of bed hoppers

It’s harsh – is it also true?:

. . . Most of these young offenders are the bi-product of a bed hopping sperm donor that has no interest in the well-being of the child he produces and contributes little or nothing as the child is bandied around from caregiver to social worker.

Chances are the mother will be on a benefit as the sole bread-winner struggling to make ends meet with the only opportunity of getting more cash being to have another baby.

These children don’t know the love and discipline of a normal Mum and Dad and it is only natural a flirt with the law will occur at a young age. But here again the liberals have ensured any boundaries or consequences are virtually non-existent, at least until the offender has matured into a hard core criminal . . . Garth McVicar.

6 Responses to Offenders bi-product of bed hoppers

  1. Neil says:

    Agree with your sentiment HP but wringing ones hands and saying it shouldn’t occur is useless.
    There will eventually have to be draconian measures,Singapore style, to overcome this problem. It will take across the board measures in welfare,education,employment and economic. It will be very unpopular and hit hard in its early days. Hardly the recipe for any party, particularly National, to go to the country.
    It’s the freedom of the individual versus the good of all. That is a conundram for conservatives. Freedom to do what one wants or the good of society.
    There is an irony in the whole thing in that we as a society have all been infected with this laissez faire attitude towards sex and family relationships. We condone it by a wink and a nod, doing nothing for society. We laugh about the scandals but long term they are eating up society.
    Some people might say a depression or a war might tidy a few things up !!! Hope they can be avoided.

  2. Deborah says:

    Quoting Garth McVicar is sinking a bit low, isn’t it? This is the chap who makes a great song and dance about supporting victims of crime, unless they are brown skinned teenagers who are tagging fences and get killed by irate white property owners.

    Also, it would be a *by*product, not a *bi*product. And where are the stats to back up the outrageous claims he’s making?

  3. adam2314 says:


    Of course it is a ” Bi ” product… Biological..

  4. Andrei says:

    I believe research has been done on those incarcerated which revealed a percentage in the high 90s grew up in fatherless households – I will see if I can find the paper.

    But it hardly surprising, we all know that social creatures need to be socialized at an early age and if not socialized appropriately at an early age become either asocial or totally anti social.

  5. homepaddock says:

    Deborah, I said it was harsh and asked if it was true to initiate discussion. Not all children in these homes become criminals but that sort of life is a risk factor.

    Bi or by? Deborah 1 for spelling, Adam 1 for wit.

    Andrei – I await your research with interest and agree about socialisation.

  6. Denis says:

    If anyone can take Garth Mcvicar seriously they would be short of a few clues or a PTSD order victim looking for revenge.
    A solo parent can have much or more love than a normal marriage especially dysfunctional marriages as how many divorces or husbands that drink or gamble, find rugby more important than spending time with kids etc.
    The Solo mother is better off financially than a low income family, they do not have to wash socks or cook meals and put up with drunkenness in many relationships…
    Garth Mcvicar is nothing more than a fascist who thinks it’s OK to slaughter a 15 year old for graffiti and then still blamed the parents to the media when the boy had no problems with the police, ever.
    Not like Garth Mcvicar helping David Garrett cover up stealing from a dead child and then covering up Garrett’s violent criminal convictions and then helping Garrett gag that dead child’s family including a 93 year old women while campaign no name suppression.
    These hypocrites thinking NZ will forget what they get up to so they can crawl back onto the band wagon to promote hatemongering for PTSD victims of crime, furthering their pain and suffering.

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