Road toll zero

The Easter road toll was zero for the first time since records began in 1956.

Police believe the fatality free weekend is because of good weather conditions across the country and the decision to change the speeding threshold from 10 to four kilometres.

The roads weren’t free from inconsiderate drivers, though.

A woman was charged with driving too slowly between Levin and Palmerston North.

We were caught behind a couple on Friday who could have faced a similar charge.

We came upon the first driving considerably slower than was both safe and legal a few kilometres west of Omarama although in this instance the second vehicle was at least as much at fault as the first. We were the third car in line and there were a few opportunities where we might have passed one vehicle but the second made no attempt to pass the first and was too close to the first for us to pass it by itself.

We finally got past them then several kilometres on in the middle of the Lindis Pass we gained on a line of vehicles. When the road straightened the leading car pulled over and let several vehicles pass but pulled out again before we and the car behind us could pass. We had to crawl along well under the speed limit for about 10 more kilometres before we could safely pass.

If ever there’s a call to design purgatory I’d suggest a road like that with long queues of traffic led by a driver who shows no consideration for those caught behind with oncoming traffic preventing passing at every straight.

3 Responses to Road toll zero

  1. ZenTiger says:

    I’ve noticed such drivers often speed up to 100 when hitting the passing lanes, presumably because they feel more confortable driving faster when the road widens, and presumably because they are also inconsiderate twits.


  2. Cadwallader says:

    The Lindis Pass is a great road. The last time I drove it I was fortunate enough not to encounter a single vehicle between Omarama and Tarras early on a summer’s morning. This is driving ecstasy.
    The provision of a passing lane or two would be advantageous.


  3. GAM says:

    Slow inconsiderate drivers are a pain but my real wrath is directed at the slow, nervous, inconsiderate driver of the second car who travels too closely to the first, not allowing anyone to easily pass. This is made worse when the first vehicle is a truck.


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