If you don’t want a decision . . .

. . .  form a committee.

That might be a bit harsh, committees have a place and some do make decisions, and good ones at that.

Alas  that can’t be said of all committees and all decisions and this could explain why:

 “Part of the motivation for the committee is a kind of cowardice, a fear of taking responsibility. If people take a decision alone they are responsible for the outcome, as they should be. Fearful that the result of that decision may be challenged they seek refuge in the imprimatur of a meeting. This spreads any blame.” Gordon McLauchlan

One Response to If you don’t want a decision . . .

  1. Denny says:

    When I was working it was mostly in the private sector and I was solely accountable for my decisions. I had one job in the public sector and I could not believe the amount of time wasted in meetings which seemed to be mostly social occasions. There were numerous committees and decisions were rare. Initially I enjoyed this environment, it was like a holiday camp. It didn’t take long though before I tired of committees going round in circles and nothing ever getting done, apart from writing numerous reports. Productivity seemed to measured by this report writing – productivity, not! Gordon Maclaughlan is absolutely right. If you’re too scared to make a decision, form a committee.


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