Will sunlight penetrate thick hides?

Travel perks for former MPs are fairly near the top of most people’s list of things-to-cull.

They can say that they were part of their salary package at the time and they’d be right but just like moving forward on a green light when a juggernaut is racing through a red, they’d be right in the wrong environment.

That pay and conditions belonged to a by-gone era when such things were hidden behind smoke and mirrors.

Now they are to be exposed to sunlight:

Travel perks for former MPs will now be protected in law under legislation debated by Parliament yesterday but the amount spent by each individual former MP will be revealed annually.

This is a very smart move and a continuation of National’s policy of greater transparency.

Though whether the sunlight will penetrate the thick hides of all former MPs and curbs their travel remains to be seen.

Those inflicted with entitleitis might travel at our expense and put up with the opprobrium that will fall upon them when the bill is made public.

But at least we’ll know and they’ll know we know because the media will take great delight in telling them so.

2 Responses to Will sunlight penetrate thick hides?

  1. Are you saying something else HP in that titles of your’s.
    It seems a little cryptic to me 🙂


  2. homepaddock says:

    Former MPs reckon they and their spouses (spice?) are “entitled” to their perks and given that was part of their pay and conidtions they are. However, that’s being right in the wrong environment and I suspect the publication is designed to make them use the perk sparingly if at all.

    The heading was meant to suggest those who don’t take the hint will need thick hides to withstand the negative publicity that will follow but I concede that might not be clear.


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