It’s Anniversary Day – or not

Today is the closest Monday to March 23rd, the anniversary of the arrival of the John Wickliffe in Port Chalmers with the first Scottish settlers.

That makes it a public holiday which some choose to observe today and others choose to tack onto Easter or any other day which suits.

The Waiareka stock sale which normally takes place on Monday is being held tomorrow but we won’t know which other businesses we might want to use will be open until we phone or call.

This confusion happens every year but repeated attempts to get the whole of Otago and Southland to observe the same day have failed. Given the independent spirit of those early settlers that’s probably appropriate.

One Response to It’s Anniversary Day – or not

  1. Neil says:

    What makes me laugh is how employers,retailers etc seem to take it several times. Once in the Christmas-New Year break, now and then on to the end of Easter.
    Take it once or decide to close on all the days they want!. People have the freedom to shut when they want-however count on shoppers,tourists to draw their own conclusions. Are they serious about serving the public ?

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