Labor decimated

The Australian Labor Party has been decimated in the Queensland State Elections

Disaffected voters deserted the government to deliver Liberal National Party leader Campbell Newman a massive majority, while Ms Bligh was left fighting for political survival in her own seat.

With 70 per cent of the vote counted, Labor had scraped together just six seats, with the LNP picking up 75 in a 16 per cent statewide swing against the government. Labor needs nine seats to retain party status. Among the casualties were six Labor ministers, including Deputy Premier Andrew Fraser.

The victory puts the former Brisbane lord mayor into the record books for landing the premiership without having served a day in parliament.

Australian friends who are staying with us said that Anna Bligh was well regarded for her handling of last year’s floods and Cyclone Yasi but too many other factors were against her and her party.

They expect this to have repercussions at Federal level, making Julia Gillard’s position even more precarious and that Kevin Rudd might be stupid enough to have another tilt at the leadership.

While Australia is enjoying a mineral boom and farming is doing well, the rest of the economy is sluggish.

They said people are grumpy, Labor was spending too much and too many factions made it unstable.


4 Responses to Labor decimated

  1. Neil says:

    I watched Sky Australia’s coverage last night and found two themes explaining the failure of Labor.
    First, the old favourite for defeat. Time for a change- Labor had been in power for almost 20 years.They were tired and had the trappings of sleaze.
    The LNP had at last melded a cantankerous rural oriented party with the urban Liberal party to unlock electoral success in Brisbane. Message to New Zealand National, united we stand divided we fall over rural-urban interests.
    Second, Labor ran a disgraceful negative campaign against Campbell Newman. Anna Bligh actually acknowledged a week out from the election there was no substance to the campaign. A bit like NZ Labor with John Key in 2008.
    I just hope the Nats remain modest and don’t acquire the arrogance of office. The last week should send smoke signals of warning.


  2. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    Decimated? That means they lost one seat in ten.

    Exterminated would be closer to the truth. They no longer have enough seats to be recognised in parliament as a party.

    Ho Ho Ho.

    How sad.

    This morning Tony Abbott drove the final nail into Gillard’s coffing. No ifs, no buts, no maybes, he will repeal Carbon Julia’s tax. The one she promised never to introduce.

    Game set and match, I think.


  3. Bushbasher says:

    Queensland Labor’s asset sales seem to have infuriated everyone.

    They went on regardless.

    Warning here for the Nats?


  4. homepaddock says:

    Bushbasher – Labor had campaigned on no asset sales and broke the promise.
    National campaigned on the partial sale of a few energy companies.

    Lesson for all governments – keep your promises.


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