Two-faced resource consents

Federated Farmers president Bruce Wills says:

. . . Local government is also an area where inconsistency reigns supreme.  Do you realise some local councils have a two-faced resource consent when it comes to managing wastewater disposal?  One is for business as usual, but the other is an ‘emergency consent’ when the system can’t cope as a result of heavy rain or even equipment failure.  No other individual, business or farm enjoys such a ‘get out of jail free’ card.  Yet two-faced resource consents have allowed some councils to starve core services of cash, such as critical wastewater upgrades.  Instead, ‘nice to have’ projects mean when the day of reckoning finally arrives, crippling rates result.. .

Farmers have been prosecuted for effluent spills that could get in to water ways, but haven’t while Councils can get away with actual pollution.

Hat tip: rivettingKateTaylor.

2 Responses to Two-faced resource consents

  1. Southern Discomfort says:

    Quite right about your concerns over double standards. Do an internet search on wastewater seepage etc and try to comprehend the easy acceptance by authorities, of huge amounts of urban waste soaking daily into groundwater from urban oxidation ponds, at the same time as farmers are hit with massive fines, inhumane mind blowing fines in the Environment Court for often very minor, or trivial and possibly non-repeatable “offences”.
    One of the best responses that I ever saw was some 10 years or so ago when an environment council preferred to sit on it’s hands, because to take a city council to court would “only be hurting our own people”. !!! Their words.


  2. Ralph says:

    Even closer to home is the case of the Gore District Council, over the shocking management of the Mataura water supply–let off the hook–as the Environment Southland CEO said ” It was not a good look for one Council to prosecute another Council”.


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