Don’t stronger than can’t

Can it be this simple?:

When facing temptation, can a simple change of language make a difference? According to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research, consumers who respond to temptation with the words “I don’t” versus “I can’t” are more able to resist.

I don’t know if it works but I can’t say it doesn’t.


One Response to Don’t stronger than can’t

  1. Richard says:

    Another angle on this, is applying for a university grant or funding from the university or an outside organisation. Apparently it is important to say “I can” rather than saying “I would”. No reason given-it just works
    But there is a trap in the use of “should” or “would” in another context. “I should/would be grateful if you could/can get the gorse out of your pockets– ”
    Which is best?- pedants out there?

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