Bigger markets fairer

Localists and others attempting to close borders keep trying to persuade us that  big is bad and smaller markets are better.

But that isn’t necessarily so:

. . . fairness isn’t something innate, it’s something societally drummed into us by the responses of others to unfairness. And for large scale exchange societies to work we need more of that drumming into us and thus a greater appreciation of and desire for fairness. They just don’t work without that so in those that do work we see more, not less, fairness.

All of which means, of course, that those promoting this idea of small scale society promoting fairness will immediately change tack and promote global markets as the way to increase fairness in society. Won’t they? Anyone?

The absence of their doing so in the face of changed facts could be taken to mean that they never actually believed their own argument in the first place. Tim Worstall

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