Air New Zealand has grounded the 11 ATR aircrafted operated by Mount Cook after hairline cracks were discovered in the windscreen of one plane during routine servicing.

Mount Cook Airline general manager Sarah Williamson said the airline would operate about two-thirds of its normal seat capacity today with three ATR aircraft in service and additional flights from other aircraft in the Air New Zealand fleet.

Williamson said inspections continued on the rest of the fleet in conjunction with aircraft manufacturer ATR.

“We are making good progress. Of our fleet of 11 aircraft, we expect two aircraft to be operating tomorrow; three others require closer examination and five are well advanced in the inspection process. One aircraft was already in the hangar for pre-planned maintenance.”

She expected to introduce more aircraft back into service later today.

It’s a good reflection on maintenance staff and the security consciousness of the airline.

But the flight cancellations will cause a lot of disruption to regional travellers.

One Response to Grounded

  1. Bulaman says:

    Got ChCh-AKL-Nausori today no problem although the arrival here (you couldn’t call it a landing) had us asking were we shot down??


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