Anti-obesity compaigners slam Shearer speech

Anti-obesity campaigners have slammed a breakfast speech by Labour Leader David Shearer giving it a fail for high sugar content, low protein and calcium content and complete lack of fibre.

Candyfloss is simply not acceptable as a breakfast food. It is nothing more than sugar, colour and flavouring with no nutritional value, and we are at a loss to know why it was accompanied by woolly side dishes” Ms Truly Trim spokesperson for Thin is In said.

“The leftwing of the country was looking for Mr Shearer to provide a real red meat and green vegetable dinner full of essential vitamins and minerals and all he gave us was sweet nothingness.

“We wanted something we could get our teeth into not something that would rot our teeth.”

Chair of Fat Fighters, Fairly Fatnomore, said her organisation was similarly disappointed.

“After keeping us waiting for all these months we were hoping he’d serve up something really substantial,” she said.

“It might be too early for a main course but we were hoping for a really satisfying appetiser. Instead all we got were nibbles that sound better than they taste and leave you feeling hungry five minutes after you’ve swallowed them.

“We were hoping for some wholemeal bread and low-fat butter policy and all we got was syrupy sentiments.”




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