Thursday’s quiz

1. Who said:” If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman.” ?

2. Who wrote The Female Eunuch?

3. It’s femme in French, donna in Italian, mujer in Spanish and wahine in Maori, what is it in English?

4. Who is the NZ Minister of Women’s Affairs?

5. Oh yes I am wise/ But it’s wisdom born of pain/ Yes, I’ve paid the price /But look how much I gained/ If I have to, I can do anything/ I am strong (strong)/ I am invincible (invincible) . . .  what is the last line of this song (which is also its title)?

8 Responses to Thursday’s quiz

  1. Alwyn says:

    1) Margaret Thatcher. Now there was (is) a woman!
    2) Germaine Greer
    3) Woman
    4) Jo Goodhew
    5) “I am woman” by Helen Reddy.

    I actually knew 4 out of the 5 without any trouble but I had to look up the Minister of Woman’s affairs. Who is Jo Goodhew was my reaction whan I found the answer.


  2. pdm says:

    1. Pass but it could have been mrs pdm.
    2. Germaine Greer
    3. Woman
    4. Jo Goodhew – lucky I visted Red Alert before I saw this. The only information of value I have ever got from there.
    5. Familiar words but I cannot name the song.


  3. Raymond A Francis says:

    Yes and wasn’t nice to see Jo Goodhew standing up and giving Labour a serve on getting more women on Boards today in Parliment “It is not just a matter of guidelines but of results”


  4. adam2314 says:

    1. Margaret Thatcher ( the Mad Handbag ).
    2. Germaine Greer.
    3. Woman.
    4. Pass.
    5. I am Woman.

    Hmmm.. I must be alive this week..


  5. 1] Baroness Thatcher.
    2] Germaine Greer
    3] All these are terms that refer to women, but with slightly different emphases.
    4] Jo Goodhew, MP for Rangitata [was Aoraki].
    5] My mother’s theme song when my parents divorced; ” I am woman” by Helen Reddy. Anecdote: in South Africa Reddy is a relatively common Indian surname, and when the song came out it was very popular in the South African Indian community.


  6. Gravedodger says:

    1 Margaret Thatcher ( wife Of Dennis)
    2 Germaine Greer (wife ???!)
    3 Woman ( good for wiveing; washing, ironing, vacuuming etcetera)
    4 Jo Goodhew , Miss her in the house in shot behind John Key, David Shearer OTOH has Darien)
    5 I am Woman. (well not really)

    Don’t know what came over me Mrs Gd isn’t here!!!.
    Will be at Principal’s office at 0855 tmorra


  7. Paul Tremewan says:

    1 Georgina Beyer, who was able to do both..
    2.. Germain Greer. with whom I had a serious run-in in about 1969 on her first visit to NZ.. stupid woman did obviously know who she was messing with.. its a very funny story bit alas not for a public forum..sadly)
    3 Loidy folk
    4 Charles Chauvel… sorry, wrong party..( harsh, Loins)
    5 Helen Reddy’s great song about blokes..


  8. Paul Tremewan says:

    Sorry.. just re-read the question.. which is “I am (a) Woman” Which is the title to a song by the wonderful Maria Muldaur.. who sings the sox off Helen Reddy…


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