Can’t legislate culture change

Quote of the day:

… if we can’t agree that getting really pissed, and throwing up and falling down is not cool, then no amount of law change in Wellington is going to change that. Michael Woodhouse

He’s right. You can’t legislate a change in culture.

Parliament could tighten drinking laws and increase the tax on alcohol but that won’t change the belief among some people that getting drunk is normal and acceptable.


4 Responses to Can’t legislate culture change

  1. Andrei says:

    What do you expect, we live in a degraded culture where the powers that be spend $2 million dollars on a plastic wakas and other crap, while smearing feces over everything of real value.

    No wonder some people need to obliterate it all with alcohol and drugs – it is all really trashy and ugly


  2. robertguyton says:

    Doesn’t work with cannabis. Makes you wonder why so much time and money is poured into that ‘culture’. Must be providing a handsome return to somebody.


  3. pmofnz says:

    “won’t change the belief among some people that getting drunk is normal and acceptable”

    Well, I’ll be buggered! I’ve always thought that the very reason alcohol was invented was to achieve that state.

    Possibly a lifestyle as a wowser may dictate ‘not the norm’, but to others it is obviously a good place to be. Who’s to say which is normal?

    Agreed, legislation is not the answer, just bloody pollies seen to to be doing something.


  4. It seemed to work with homosexual law reform. The culture was opposed to it when it happened, but the number of people who now think male/male sexual acts should be criminal is now vanishingly small.


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