World’s oldest sheep dies after fall

The merino wether Shrek was considered old when he died aged about 16.

But he was just a teenager in comaprison with Tiwggy, a 25 year-old ewe which met an untimely demise after falling over a cliff on the Isle of Lewis.

The blackface ewe – nicknamed Twiggy because of her scrawny appearance – was just a month short of her 26th birthday.

Crofter John Maciver put her longevity down to her still having most of her teeth, allowing her to graze easily, and her ‘independent spirit’. . .

“It is a sad end,’ said Mr Maciver, 51. ‘She was never a big sheep but she produced her last lambs three years ago and even then they were twins!  . . .

. . . The last recognised holder of the world’s oldest sheep title, Lucky, died in Australia in 2009, aged 23.

The Polwarth-Dorchester cross raised by Delrae Westgarth set the Guinness record in 2007 and was a celebrity in her home town of Lake Bolac, near Melbourne.

Guinness World Records said that since Lucky’s death it had been actively looking for a contender for world’s oldest living sheep.

It was understood that Mr Mr Maciver had not applied for the recognition for his ewe. The oldest age recorded for a sheep so far was 28 years and 51 weeks. . .

 Hat Tip: Cactus Kate

4 Responses to World’s oldest sheep dies after fall

  1. Richard says:

    How would the you describe Twiggy if in her 24th year if she was sent to the butcher-hogget ??
    Just shows how frugal the Scots are -poor weee thing. A lamb a year- bet they all went on the benefit—


  2. pdm says:

    I must pursue this with the rellies on Lewis. There are plenty of those sheep grazing the roadside there.

    There are at least two Tosta’s on Lewis, my Grandfather lived at the one on Bernera which is on the west coast which we visited twice in March last year. However Garry Beach is at the other north of Stornoway and on the East Coast of Lewis


  3. Richard says:

    pdm: I live in the village of Karitane approx 50km north of Dunedin The street names include Barvas, Grimness Stornaway Sulisker -all names from Lewis or the Western Isles. We had a delegation from the the Scottish Parliament a few years ago- but could not find why the streets are named – ask your relies, if you could.


  4. pdm says:

    Richard – I will do but I am not sure they will be able to help much. Stornoway I am familiar with and I know of Barvas so supect the others are some distance where my cousins are on the West Coast of Lewis in Uig. Will have a look at a detailed map of Lewis that we have as well. Was talking to my cousin at Valtos last weekend.

    Flick me an email: and I will get back to you after some research.


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