Is this a record?

Is this a record?

The 50th parliament sat for a couple of days last year. It is now coming to the end of its second week this year and Speaker Lockwood Smith has already ejected an MP from the House.

It comes as no surprise that the MP was Winston Peters who was not an MP in the previous parliament when the Speaker asserted his authority to clean up behaviour.

Peters has been testing the limits and learned today when he called Gerry Brownlee an illiterate woodwork teacher that this Speaker takes a much firmer line than his predecessors.

5 Responses to Is this a record?

  1. Richard says:

    Lockwood Smith has done a wonderful job cleaning up question time in particular. However its been said that he will retire and go to London.
    Who will be his replacement? In a way it does not matter, because all parties are using TV of parliament to further their causes. If WP wanted to really make an issue he would have made a further protest – good TV for him.
    Wonder why I am being very cynical about politics.


  2. johnsonmike says:

    Lockwood has been trying to ignore Peters since the election, as he knows Peters wants to be thrown out, to get the publicity.

    Peters just keeps pushing it knowing he will eventually get the publicity he craves, and today he did.

    John Key is personally responsible for this charlatan being back in our Parliament. If Key had not gone on so much about that stupid tape, Peters would be in the dustbin of history where he belongs, and National would actually have a majority in its own right, able to actually implement some coherent policies.

    Reap what you sow.


  3. PurpleSouth says:

    Suggest the Speaker adopts the three strike rule – if this was the case Winnie would not last 12 months!


  4. homepaddock says:

    JM: John Key didn’t give the tapes to the HOS and TV3 nor did he divulge the contents to Peters.

    There’s always a chip-on-shoulder consituency who will vote for populism and some of the people disenchanted with Labour went for NZ First last year just as some disenchanted with National did in 2002.

    Like the other wee parties it does best when one or other of the major ones is weak.

    PS – if only.


  5. robertguyton says:

    ‘woodwork teacher’



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