Has the Minister seen . . . ?

Questions and answers  of the day:

Maggie Barry: Why is it important to keep Government debt under control?

Hon BILL ENGLISH: You only need to watch TV any night of the week currently to see the impacts of excessive debt on some of our communities. The best reason to get on top of debt is to protect our most vulnerable, because our most vulnerable are most dependent on sustained support from the Government, and Governments with too much debt cannot sustain support for their most vulnerable.


Maggie Barry: Has the Minister seen any reports of alternative approaches to managing debt?

Hon BILL ENGLISH: I have heard reports that indicate that other political parties do not believe that it should be managed at all. In fact, they are proposing that the Government should not sell shares in some assets, because they would rather go to volatile international financial markets and borrow billions more, paying interest to overseas lenders rather than dividends to New Zealanders.

15 Responses to Has the Minister seen . . . ?

  1. Andrei says:

    How I hate these patsy “questions” where a junior backbencher is given the task of “asking” a question so the Minister can preen with his/her prepared answer statement..

    Empty theater.


  2. pdm says:

    Andrei – then of course there were the `patsy’ questions from the inept David `Casper’ Shearer who was absolutely hammered by John Key yesterday.


  3. Andrei says:

    No PDM – the idea of questions is that the opposition can hold the Government’s feet to the fire.

    How ept or otherwise they are at doing that is a mark of how good they are as an opposition.

    When Government backbenchers “ask” questions it is usually just posturing and an essentially worthless exercise.


  4. homepaddock says:

    Andrei – it is also a way for the government to give a message or explain a policy without having to go through the media and Parliament Today’s transcript of Question Time (to which I’ve linked above) lets more or us see the questions and answers unedited.


  5. robertguyton says:

    Has the Minister seen … the jobs his Government promised?

    (First in a series of 40, ‘has the minister seen’ questions.


  6. jabba says:

    my understanding, and bOb will dispute this of course, is that there has been an increase in jobs every month for about 1 1/2 years??


  7. robertguyton says:

    If that’s your belief, jabba, you are seriously deluded and wilfully ignorant.


  8. jabba says:

    so what are the figures bOb?


  9. jabba says:

    The national employment indicator shows that the number of filled jobs held by wage and salary earners continued to increase annually through November and December 2011, Statistics New Zealand said today.

    “What we see is that the run of positive annual change in seasonally adjusted filled jobs has extended to 20 months, going as far back as May 2010,” industry and labour statistics manager Diane Ramsay said.
    Looks like Diane Ramsay is also deluded and wilfully ignorant


  10. robertguyton says:

    deluded and willfully ignorant


  11. robertguyton says:



  12. adam2314 says:

    Actions speak louder than words HP..


  13. jabba says:

    come on bOb .. prove what I said is incorrect or continue with your negative rubbish and look silly as the photo suggests


  14. robertguyton says:

    Let’s see Br..jabba – Pundit reckons this:

    How do you transition 50,000 DPB recipients into work when you currently have 60,000 people on the unemployment benefit? Why spend $130 million setting up state child care and investing in MSD case managers to transition people into work that isn’t there?

    National used to have an answer for this. You see how unemployment was really low in 2006-2007? Well that’s about to happen again! Treasury predicted it! So the government would set up this policy to transition DPB (and sickness benefit) recipients into the work force just in time for it to reap the benefits, and save a billion dollars by 2016.

    The problem is that Treasury has revised all their rosy forecasts down. Unemployment is now predicted to stay above 5% until 2015.

    Bennett’s new answer is that ‘the jobs are there’. If that’s the case, why don’t the unemployment statistics look like they did back in 2007, when the jobs were, actually there? Yeah, there are jobs on TradeMe. If you’re unemployed and a qualified nurse, or a senior java developer – ie working in an industry experiencing a world-wide shortage in which overseas salaries are significantly higher – then the New Zealand labour market would love to hear from you. But only 14% of the jobs currently listed are part time: 1650, and National plans to (somehow) transition tens of thousands of DPB recipients into those roles.

    Looks to me as if the government is about to piss away $130 million dollars.


  15. jabba says:

    “Unemployment is now predicted to stay above 5% until 2015” .. wow, that is FANTATIC (less than 6%) .. well done the Nat lead Govt .. thank goodness the right won the election again and not the dead loss bunch who were the alternative


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