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If Tony Blair, a former Prime Minister, makes untold millions trading deals with shady despots in the Third World, is it really any surprise that many people – the electoral peasantry of our political masters – feel that to be honest in these circumstances is to be naive, a fool, a mug.

They are wrong, actually: it is important to be honest for the sake of one’s self-respect, but not everyone values their self-respect. . .

. . . Dishonesty is contagious. And the example our business, political and intellectual leaders give us is, to an unprecedented degree in recent memory, bad, corrupt and corrupting. . . Theodore Dalrymple in Cheats, spivs and small-time crooks: Britain is getting less honest, and it starts at the top

2 Responses to Quote of the day

  1. Andrei says:

    This is of course why Bill English managing his affairs so the Taxpayer paid him rent for him to live in his own house – whether it be legal or no is something worthy of derision and scorn.

    When this occurred there was a poor man in a wheelchair before the courts – he was “entitled” to home help, in the same way Bill English was “entitled” to his ministerial house.

    Now this home help was performed by this mans wife who pocketed the money thereby making it benefit fraud.

    The difference between this man and Bill English is the amount of money that Bill English stood to pocket was orders of magnitude more than the poor man in the Wheel chair and that Bill English was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and has powerful friends and influence.

    Leadership is all about setting good examples and the only sanction it is possible for the poor to place upon the rich who abuse their position is scorn and derision unlike the rich and powerful who will haul the poor before the courts to be punished.


  2. homepaddock says:

    Andrei – he didn’t arrange his affairs. He accepted advice on what he could receive by living in his own house rather than a ministerial one.

    He then repaid all he had received and has claimed none since even though he could for living in his own house or in a ministerial one at even greater cost.

    Bill is a practising Christian who lives by the rules of his faith and your linking him with this quote is unfair and unjustified.


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